Professional academic guide and interpreter on "Machi-zukuri"(town planning)

Toshio Taguchi: Registration number 114EN02499 (English: Registered on March 27, 2018)


Professional academic guide and interpreter on “Machi-zukuri” (town planning)

1. City guidance as an experienced researcher and practitioner who is familiar with the town planning history of Yokohama.

2. Preparing a schedule of places to visit and arranging meetings with key persons at your request.

3. Explaining in detail how the city has developed and the current issues it faces.

4. In addition to Yokohama, guidance on other places with a historically significant town planning is available.


Targeted area  

Yokohama City is my primary area of expertise as an interpreter guide with a professional background in the field of town planning. Because of my deep ties to Yokohama City, I am confident in my ability to respond appropriately to customers’ requests through careful examination of their objectives and interests and by making arrangements in advance. In the town planning field, Yokohama City is seen as a pioneer example, though Yokohama and other cities may share common issues and in due course take similar initiatives to tackle those. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding either Yokohama or other Japanese cities.


Education, work experience, overseas experience  

After receiving my Bachelor of degree majoring in architecture and town planning, I majored in urban design at the University of Manchester in the UK. I worked as an urban design officer at the Yokohama city government and took part in some major planning projects, the results of which can be seen in Yokohama City today. At the same time, I completed research work in the town planning field and received a doctorate degree from Waseda University. I have also visited major town planning sites in Europe, the US, and Asian countries. After that, I switched to specialized consulting in the education field, before being asked to serve as a deputy principal of a private school.


Guide experience  

In response to visitors from Japan and abroad, I have done a great deal of city guidance as part of my duties working for the Yokohama city government. Thereafter, I have had opportunities to welcome scholars both domestic and from overseas in relation to research activities and guide them as a volunteer.


Self portrait 

As a professional academic guide and interpreter specializing in the town planning field, I aim to educate visitors on the history of Japanese town planning based on a detailed explanation of its background and the current issues in the field. Based on visitors’ areas of interest, I will arrange a selection of sites to visit and/or important persons to meet according to my visitors’ objectives.


I am an independent scholar, Ph.D. and qualified architect, currently serving as vice president of “Akira Tamura Memorial-A Town Planning Research Initiative NPO” based in Yokohama. I am a member of both domestic and international research societies, and regularly address issues of town planning at research meetings. Originally I was an urban design officer in the Yokohama city government. Akira Tamura, a renowned Japanese urban planner, established the City Planning and Coordination Bureau as its director, and executed a planning framework of the city as the "Six Spine Projects" such as Minato Mirai 21 and Kohoku new town, and also implemented land use controls such as the local development exaction system. He was one of the pioneers in the Japanese town planning field and a representative of Yokohama’s planning innovation. Therefore, our NPO aims to disseminate the work of Tamura and its impact on Yokohama today. I will explain in detail the background of the plan and the story of the challenges leading to implementation of his projects in English.


In addition, I have been involved in education for many years after working at the Yokohama city government, and I can also assist you in visiting areas of interest in connection with primary and secondary education in Japan. Please feel free to consult me about this.

Further enquiries should be used by our enquiry form. We are welcome all enquiries concerning Machi-zukuri tour in English.

全国通訳案内士 田口俊夫 登録番号 114EN02499号(英語・2018年3月27日登録)



1. 横浜の都市計画の実務経験を有する研究者がご案内します

2. ご希望に応じた訪問先の選定と訪問のアポ取りも致します

3. まちがどう出来てきたのか、そして今の課題は何かをご説明します

4. 横浜以外にも、東京周辺のまちづくりの現場にご案内します