Report of the plenary annual session of Akira Tamura Memorial – A Town Planning Research Initiative NPO NPO社員総会開催結果の報告

The plenary annual session was held on May 14th of 2018, and its agenda was regarding the approval of settlement account in fiscal year 2017 and of new budget plan in fiscal year 2018 and of members of NPO board committee. All the subjects were unanimously approved. At this occasion we invited a guest speaker, Dr. Junichi Fujino, programme director of urban task force at the Institute of Global Environment Strategies (IGES), who delivered a speech about a broad spectrum of future collaboration with our NPO and IGES, i.e. exporting the knowledge and experiences of the town planning Yokohama to overseas countries. We have studied the process of town planning Yokohama during Asukata and Tamura period subjectively and scientifically, in other word empirically, and opened the research results on our website.