NPO総会記念講演A commemorative speech regarding Akira Tamura and his father Kotaro

A commemorative speech regarding Akira

Tamura and his father Kotaro delivered by Mr. Fumiaki Koshi at the annual

convention of NPO Akira Tamura on the 10th of May, 2019


Akira Tamura is not a theorist by nature. We presume that Tamura is instinctively a practitioner. By having read all books in the National Diet’s Library written by Kotaro Tamura, one of the top salesmen at the NCR (Cash register machine company) in Japan, and also Akira’s, he concluded that Kotaro hide his subjective stance in order to become a universal person on human nature, but Akira kept his subjective stance all in his life as a practitioner of urban planning. Koshi pointed out the lack of respect on Akira’s books to the previous works done by other scholars. According to Koshi, some new planning terminologies such as Machizukuri (Town-making) or Toshinogyo (Urban Agriculture) are not attributed to Akira, though some other scholars had invented them before Akira did.


Although we welcome critical analysis on Tamura and his work, it can be presumed that an important point is not who started to use those words but is who really applied those new ideas into actual practice. Among the academic society it may be important to become a winner on the competition to find out something new. On the other hand, among the practical society it is necessary for urban planners to use those new ideas under actual and hard circumstances for the benefit of citizens. Practice seems slightly different from academic competition.


Lastly, young boys of Tamura family members attended the session and made remarkable replies expressing appreciation to the efforts made by Koshi to investigate their great grandfather’ history.





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