Yokohama's New City Hall 新市庁舎訪問


Today I went to the New City Hall, high-rise tower by the Ohka river and the Harbor, and climbed up to the 29th floor where my familiar Division has their new office. Shocked and also surprised I was at its new style of office security system, since people and/or citizens cannot enter the office sections. It is possible that people can go up to the intended floor, however, from where they are not allowed to enter the office and have to walk around the corridors aimlessly or suspiciously. When recalling the old days of my career at the urban design team in the 1970s, many strange people, architects and planners or citizens or unknown research scholars, visited our tiny office space without any invitation and had an enjoyable and sometimes inspiring conversations for hours. This kind of informal interactions could help new ideas evolve towards new challenging team spirit that may be indispensable when tackling urban issues. I really hope that officers of the Division would maintain their informal atmosphere and enjoy such meaningless conversation with suspicious people as before.