Report by Aoki about the ISA conference 国際社会学会発表





青木淳弘がInternational Sociological AssociationMelbourne大会で発表した革新自治体横浜市に集まってきた若者たちのライフヒストリー研究は、自治体職員がどう自分たちのモチベーションを維持しつつ都市づくりに挑んでいったかを明らかにしようとする意欲的な試みである。革新自治体論はその首長が社会党か共産党に支援されて当選したかで判別する研究があるが、青木は革新自治体の政治の革新性と政策の革新性に着目し、特に政治情勢が中道化するなかで「政策の革新性」を継続しようとする当時の若手職員たちに注目した。今後の研究の深化が期待される。


The life history study of young people who gathered in Yokohama, an innovative municipality, presented by Atsuhiro Aoki at the International Sociological Association's Melbourne conference, is an ambitious attempt to reveal how municipal officials maintained their own motivation and took on the challenge of urban development. While some studies on innovative municipalities discriminate whether their chiefs were elected with the support of the Socialist Party or the Communist Party, Aoki focused on the political innovativeness and policy innovativeness of innovative municipalities, particularly the young officials of the time who tried to continue their 'policy innovativeness' as the political situation became more moderate. Further research is expected to deepen this study in the future.

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