Urban Design of Yokohama 横浜市都市デザイン室

The Urban Design Section of the Yokohama City Government has been established for decades since the early 1970s, the oldest urban design institution within local governments in Japan. It can be said that the transmission of the institution concerned with design coordination and aesthetic values in the local governmental system is a very unusual and peculiar case. Through the chronological study of the section's history, we will clarify its issues and future prospects.


The history of the Yokohama urban design section 横浜市都市デザイン室の変遷
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Professor Morio Uzuki recalled the memory of Akira Tamura and reflected on Uzuki's urban design experiencing the strong collaboration with Yokohama's UD team 卯月盛夫教授(早稲田大学)が田村明との想い出と横浜の都市デザインとの長年にわたる交流について語りました


Record of the lecture by Prof. Uzuki
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A Talk given from Toshio Nishiwaki, ex-urban designer of the Yokohama City's urban design team
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Toshio Nishiwaki on the far right side
Toshio Nishiwaki on the far right side
Interview of Akira Ozawa 元都市デザイン室長・小沢朗 ヒヤリング記録
Akira Ozawa is an iconic person as an old section chief to begin the epoch shifting the urban design from the previous style. 小沢朗は2004年中田市政で都市デザイン室長を務めた人物ですが、初めての事務職の室長で、当時「景観法」が制定され横浜市としても都市デザイン活動の「制度的整備」が促された時期でした。
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The agendas of the Yokohama City Beauty Council 横浜市都市美審議会議事録目次
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